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                                                     Power seal                                                          Wiseco pistons

 Race engines starting at $4800

  With a total of 50 + combined years of building micro sprint racing engines, two an four strokes , we offer competitive race engines with really broad power bands and great reliability. We utilize our own dome designs for the torque curve of our motors. We use Honda cylinders as well as aftermarket cylinders that offer a better porting structure. We are also building the Honda case reed engine with great results. All our engines are built with care, long hours are put in, and each engine has our signature touch. .If you are sick of the same commercial Engine that everybody else is using and want something different then give us a try. Every year we get more and more happy customers.There are many great engine builders out there and we never have, and never will copy any body Else's work, to us that is just not ethical. 

 Need your motor rebuilt? We can get you up and running again in a hurry. We know what it is like to need to have a motor done in time for the next week. We offer total engine building services.

  We are very exited about our new Francis prepared methanol carburetors, these are by far the best performing carburetor on the market. These things are so user friendly. The extra airflow and the amount of fuel you can get out of these is amazing. No more jetting, "set it and forget it". Our racing team can focus and spend more time on the handling of our cars now then wasting time working on the carb. We have been doing well all year with these bad boys. You can not get these exact carbs any ware else, only from us. We have done extensive r&d on these carburetors. If it is not a Francis prepared carb then it is not the same. If you are still skeptical about the performance of our carbs just look to see what your competitors are using and wining with.

Why use our 600 carbs over other ones? We feel they are the most user friendly and best performing. Our float bowls hold more fuel which allows for consistent fuel levels for stable metering and keeps engine from starving in the corners. Our carbs are very forgiving and not effected as much from changes in barometric pressures and temperatures, they also offer more airflow and better fuel atomization, even as good or better than fuel injection. Other carbs get rich on top end, ours maintain proper fuel metering. There our no jets to change, accelerator pumps or interfering fuel/air circuits. Are carbs come with adjustable power jets so if fine tuning is required it is easily accomplished by adjusting the screw externally. Our power jets add fuel to the center of the venture where it belongs.

We have these for 125/250/270/450/600 micro sprints.  



















Better vaporization than fuel injection 


Brazil's Drag bike champion Emir Menegon wins every drag race in 2012 with his FRP Methanol carb




IgnitiStators/coils/cdi for most make and model engines 

Inhouse Boaring/Sleeving/Honing


 Ground stroker rods in stock $130.00

Crank pressing $50.00

Complete motor rebuilding all parts included accept transmission $500.00

our unique domes $65.00

Adjustable duel and single feed power jets for all carbs $35.00

2 stroke EFI methanol conversion specialist

The #32 Alexander Ross wins the 2010 National extreme dirt track race with his Francis powered engine he recieved late the night before his big race.

In the Schoolboy Jr Class the points battle is beginning to heat up and get very interesting as last years Champion, 15 year old Garrett Ryckman and this years rising star, 13 year old Tyler Deister were tied heading into Black Rock for round three. Ryckman was able to secure a 2nd place finish in the main event and Deister wrapped up the race in the fourth spot. The pair now sit only 7 points away from each other heading into Birch Creek where Deister said; "The next round is a nice tech track where I feel that we can regain the points lead and get up front"

The man up front during the Schoolboy classes though was the #32 of Alexander Ross as he motored his was up front during all of his motos on his Yamaha Blaster ATV. Ross is a local rider and will not be running the rest of the series but he showed the national riders the talent he has by taking the lead and a huge time gap in each race.


#32 Alexander Ross was untouchable on his Yamaha Blaster ATV as he grabbed the lead early & hung onto it until the checkered flag flew
#6 Tyler Deister made the trek all the way from Detroit Michigan to battle it out in NY & came away with a 4th place & still is in a tight battle for the points lead